We are a vacuum equipment service company. Our primary task is remanufacturing customers vacuum pumps to meet or exceed the original specs designed into the equipment, as well as providing new and used vacuum related equipment

Our mission is to meet the customers needs in a manner that sets new standards in the realm of customer service

  • Our phones are always answered by a real person during working hours.
  • All work is done by a certified trained technician.
  • All work is fully tested and certified before shipping to customers.
  • All work is given a full warranty.
  • All Pumps are rebuilt and delivered to the customer on time with zero defects.
  • Vacuum Pump Oil and Fomblin fluid is in stock and ready for shipment.
  • We will always give you the fastest turn around time in the industry.
  • We always offer free technical support.

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We always follow up on our e-mail and phone calls. We look forward to hearing from you!

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